Edoardo Cincotti produces shoes, belts, braces, cuff links, ties and scarfs Made in Italy

The kits are promotional and are to be used by dealers and not final customers..

Kit No. 1

3 men's belts + one women's belt + braces

€ 200 € 100(VAT excluded), including transportation cost

Kit No. 2

2 pairs of men's shoes + one men's belt

€ 200 € 100(VAT excluded), including transportation cost

Kit No. 3

Shoes + one belt + braces + cuff links + one tie + one men's scarf

€ 200 € 100(VAT excluded), including transportation cost

You can not change, add or subtract items in a single kit.

The cost of a single kit is € 200 € 100 (excluding VAT) including trasportation costs.

The total cost of the three kits is € 500 € 250 (excluding VAT) including trasportation costs.

Delivery terms from 3 to 20 working days, with no shipping charges, excluding any extra charges and customs taxes payable upon delivery.
Delivery of similar items within 3 working days on your choice and approval.
This includes Italian production certificate and free export declaration.

Method of payment: bank transfer - Paypal - Credit Card (paypal circuit).
Money back guarantee: if the quality of our products does not reflect your expectations you can return it and we will refund you the total amount spent.
The purpose is to assess the quality of our products, to see concretely the meaning of the 12 month warranty on all our items.


Belts: size 50
Shoes: size 42
Braces: standard size
Ties: width 8 cm
Scarfs: length 200 cm, width 40 cm


A distinctive and competitive commercial offer. Production performed meticulously in every step that ensures guarantee protection of 12 months! For all the products.

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